11 December, 2023

Meet the news team

Dan Schmidt

As one of South Australia’s least respected satirical news reporters, Dan Schmidt holds as many journalism qualifications as Caleb Bond, and also a cease and desist letter from Zhivago’s that he was meant to give to Trent before the court date.

Winner of the inaugural “Best South Australian Columnist” award for his long-standing high score on the Sega Mega-Drive game “Columns”, Dan has spent countless minutes researching excerpts of the North Eastern Messenger in preparation for his lead journalist role at The Adelaide Mail and in search of a decent plumber in the Tea Tree Gully area.

When he’s not putting in pointless hours at Adelaide Mail, Dan also produces another non-profitable media source called AdeLOL, a South Australian history podcast that tries to be funny.

Tweets @SkaSchmidt

Trent Bartlett

Fellow South Australians, if you are reading this now, it means I have been murdered. Although it may also mean that my attempted coup d’etat on the Fijian government was unsuccessful, or that I won a gold medal at the Nagano Winter Olympics, or that I have been taken hostage by the editors of The Adelaide Mail and am being forced to write news articles for food. Send help.

You can follow Trent’s largely inactive Twitter account @TrentBartlett